Aaron Jones | Portfolio

Academic Work

I have been included as an author on the following manuscripts.

  • Fundamental Limitations of Cavity-assisted Atom Interferometry, ArXiv,
    Atom interferometers employing optical cavities to enhance the beam splitter pulses promise significant advances in science and technology, notably for future gravitational wave detectors. Long cavities, on the scale of hundreds of meters, have been proposed in experiments aiming to observe gravitational waves with frequencies below 1 Hz, where laser interferometers, such as LIGO, have poor sensitivity. Alternatively, short cavities have also been proposed for enhancing the sensitivity of more portable atom interferometers. We explore the fundamental limitations of two-mirror cavities for atomic beam splitting, and establish upper bounds on the temperature of the atomic ensemble as a function of cavity length and three design parameters: the cavity g-factor, the bandwidth, and the optical suppression factor of the first and second order spatial modes. A lower bound to the cavity bandwidth is found which avoids elongation of the interaction time and maximizes power enhancement. An upper limit to cavity length is found for symmetric two-mirror cavities, restricting the practicality of long baseline detectors. For shorter cavities, an upper limit on the beam size was derived from the geometrical stability of the cavity. These findings aim to aid the design of current and future cavity-assisted atom interferometers.

Professional Work

I have a wide range of work experience obtained in my 16 months in the the civil service. Most of my work has been in highly technical procurement and technical project management. I also have limited work experience in private sector procurement. Example projects include:

  • Providing technical reports to support safety cases
  • Managing small projects
  • Recommending products based on technical merit to a project manager
  • Down-selecting off the shelf components
  • Developing databases
  • Assessing environmental impact

Code/Web Design

Below is an incomplete summary of major public projects I have developed

Undergraduate Portfolio

Work I completed while studying for my integrated masters degree.

Ultra-stable Temperature Controller

Masters Project.

I designed and built a highly stable digital temperature controller. The controller is designed to be implemented for stabilization of: Ultra High Finesse Cavities, Diode Lasers, Optical Equipment and for the reduction of Blackbody Radiation Gradients in Atomic Chambers. Hobbyist micro-controllers, Block Systems and High Level Languages were used to increase generality and reduce the technical barrier for development. A stability of (3 ± 1)mK was obtained for an open system, with breadboard design.

See my report and code

Solar System Model

3rd Yr Computational Modeling Project.

I developed a Newtonian model of the solar system as part of my undergraduate studies. The aim was to predict the trajectory of a satellite undergoing a gravity assist (e.g. voyager), but the program models all of the gravitational interactions between the planets.

See my report and code

Encrypted Database

3rd Yr C++ Project.

I developed a fully encrypted database as part of a course C++ programming. The Fast Light Toolkit (FLTK) was used for a GUI and the Quincy IDE was used for development.

See my report and code